Using Your Intuition to Help Self Improvement

Following our instincts and using our intuition can be one of the most valuable of tools for self improvement and success.

Everyone has hunches, ideas, insights or flashes of inspiration that we can’t explain and have no idea where they come from. We may be stuck or bogged down with something that we just can’t work out how to deal with. We may have weighed up all the facts and still don’t know what to do.

It’s very common to for us to get an idea from nowhere that may even fly in the face of the facts as we see them or have analysed them. This can happens when we least expect it, often when we are relaxing, or when our minds are otherwise occupied. As a result we often ignore these insights and ideas that could well have supplied the exact solution we needed.

These flashes of inspiration come from our subconscious minds, and if we let them, they can provide answers to most of the questions and problems we struggle with. The latest research has concluded that the subconscious minds stores and has access to everything we have seen, heard and come across in our entire lives, 24 hours a day. A large proportion of this information has never even registered in our conscious minds, which usually only absorbs those things that we actively pay attention to. It is thought that our insights come from the application of this life experience to the current events we are faced with.

There are techniques that can be learned from brain researchers and brain enhancement experts to help us to harness the incredible powers of our subconscious minds. Imagine what we could achieve with greatly increased mental capabilities!

Just being aware of the incredible capabilities of our subconscious minds can help our self improvement – if we decide to pay attention to our hunches and intuition and act on them.