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First Expressions

Posted on September 16, 2022 by James Simmons

By the nature of the language a 'first impression' is generally seen to be either your or the individual you're meetings' first possiblity to impress. Humans will decide what they think about someone within the initial couple of seconds of meeting. This being the case I love to utilize the alternative terminology of 'first expression' as impressing might not be on top of your agenda but expressing who you're might well become more relevant.

So, how quickly can you decide about someone? Could it be if you have an extended conversation? Could it be if you are introduced? Could it be when you initially make eye contact? No, for many people a great number of opinions are formed when you initially look at someone. Just how many times perhaps you have 'decided' someone's personality because they walked right into a room? And just how many times perhaps you have later been proved wrong? Or right? We don't will have the blissful luxury of plenty of time to invest correcting other peoples mistaken beliefs about us - wouldn't it be easier to portray a truer expression of who we have been to begin with?

How about if when entering a meeting/date/social situation we took enough time out to take into account which version of ourselves we wanted visitors to meet on that occasion? By this I don't mean acting a job or pretending to be different things to what we have been but merely drawing on the most likely aspects to your personalities for the problem in hand. Most of us have a variety of characteristics and traits which head to constitute our whole beings - it's just a question of thinking which section of your personality you desire the people you're meeting to keep in mind probably the most.

If you're being interviewed for employment that required one to be responsible and mature even yet in serious situations can you arrive for interview in a clowns outfit filled with big shoes and squirty flower? An extreme example I understand but at to lesser degree they are the types of decisions we make each time we meet someone new. It certainly doesn't matter in case you are addressing a conference of 100 people or simply placing an order at the paper shop it really is equally essential that you leave the person/people with the thought of you that you desire them to see.

It's about habits. Enter the habit of thinking about before you connect to people which elements of you'd be best to allow them to know about. What is befitting me to wear in this example? This simple thought process is quite valuable with regards to those occasions when you might feel just a little less confident - in the event that you feel you're presenting the proper image you can't help but feel much better generally about yourself. The more you play with this particular the simpler it gets. Sometimes it could not feel like it matters nevertheless, you never know when see your face in the queue behind you can become important that you experienced......