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On Uncompromising Standards

Posted on January 12, 2024 by James Simmons

If there's one philosophy of life that appears to work, it's the one that won't compromise a life-style - regardless of what. Pick a life-style: clean floors, never screaming at your kids, including vegetables at every meal or never buying new furniture. The standards of living that produce you happy and productive quite often will be the ones that can not be diminished.

Events happen which make it difficult. A shortage of cash could make those "Don't pay a single thing for 3 years" ads for furniture look attractive. A deeper look might reveal that the furniture is junk, the interest high and sixty % is necessary for a deposit. If your standard says you will need drawers that open easily and finishes that wont mar simply by considering them, then postpone on purchasing new and investigate the Want Ad Press first.

If you lose your task and continue welfare, don't start eating cheap processed foods -- go further out of town for bulk purchases of basic staples and put some extra effort in cooking and canning. Enduring a vintage, worn-out car is dangerous along with demeaning. An excellent car or truck with plenty of miles onto it is a lot preferable, are certain to get you to focus on time and won't sacrifice your quality lifestyle. Buy one good group of clothes which will wash like new forever rather than shopping the cheap discount stores for clothes that look cheap and break apart very quickly.

It's about showing the planet that you respect yourself and value the way you present yourself. Your kids will adopt your standards so when they mature and can do whatever is essential to maintain their very own standards. It's similar to a secret vow to yourself that you'll never cross a particular line no real matter what the provocation. You'll feel great about yourself among others will feel great about you, too.