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Priming the Passion Pump

Posted on March 19, 2023 by James Simmons

Clarifying your daily life purpose is really a team effort in the middle of your rational and intuitive minds. The next exercise is an efficient solution to combine both of these powerful resources to assist you progress toward a "life deliberately." Participating in the next questions utilizes your memory as well as your rational nature to prime the pump, rendering it simpler to access the intuitive or creative nature. Jot down your responses in a journal, adding whatever involves you when you are writing. Asking individuals who know and give you support what they see about you when it comes to these questions will add grist to the mill.

  • What can you want to do? When perhaps you have felt most alive, excited, deeply in love with life? What were you doing during those moments? Who have been you with? Ask individuals who know you when they've noticed you most alive and enthusiastic.
  • What sort of people can you want to be with? Answer this both specifically (specific people) and generally (forms of people you love). What exactly are a few of the things you can do that you experienced that would provide you with the opportunity to save money time with one of these people?
  • If money, time, energy, and talent were unlimited, what can you do together with your life and who you be? Whether it's difficult to assume these being unlimited, take note of this. Then, forget about that concern and continue the exercise.
  • Who are some individuals that you greatly admire? These could be celebrities, folks from history, family, or friends. The facts about them that you admire? Could it be a way to be, or a group of values, or what they do in life? Be as specific as possible.
  • What values are most significant to you? It is important to distinguish between your values you imagine you need to feel are essential and those you choose of your free will.
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