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Self Improvement and Why We Must Face and Overcome Our Fears

Posted on December 9, 2021 by James Simmons

Among the biggest reasons that many people struggle with self improvement and achieving success and happiness is because they have difficulty overcoming their fears.

Fears can take on several forms, and nearly every one has fears of some type. Many Fears might appear irrational to almost everybody but the person involved, and also the most unlikely of people could be paralysed by the most unlikely of fears.

Possibly the most common fear that holds people back from success is the fear of failure. This can stop us from trying something because we're so terrified of failing. Or, if we do try something, our deep seated fear of failure can be so powerful that we can practically guarantee an unsuccessful outcome to any endeavour.

Fear of rejection, and fear of disapproval and criticism, are other big inhibitors of progress. We can be so worried that our friends, family or other individuals, will disapprove of our actions, or even condemn us for attempting to do something over their expectations of us, we could become paralysed and try nothing new. Fear of the unknown is just another common limiting fear. Our comfort zones may seem so secure that trying something new may seem much too risky, even when we know we will need to proceed from where we are now.

Just about all fears are learned, many when we're kids and many others through our own life experiences. A lot people become convinced that taking risks is harmful and we are apt to take the safer choice.

But as fears are learned, with effort and determination, we can learn how to overcome them and there's advice available from specialists that can assist with overcoming fears. With or without assistance, if we're dedicated to a better life, we will need to confront our fears. We have to work at replacing them, in both our conscious and subconscious minds, with an iron willed determination and dedication to success. This will enable us to experience self improvement and to make progress towards a more fulfilling lives.