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Are You Sending Conflicting Messages?

Posted on December 23, 2021 by James Simmons

Everything you guarantee versus what you're doing.

You may send a contradictory message if you direct customers to expect a level of service that differs from what you normally supply. Over-eagerness to be more responsive, or to exceed or match a competitor's service, can allow you to commit to an overly ambitious level of support. Customers who don't get the guaranteed services quickly learn how to ignore your claims and also to anticipate instead, the amount of service they're actually receiving.

What you suggest versus what you're doing.

Even without creating an overt promise of support, it's simple to crate a contradictory message. My customer surveys, by way of instance, tell customers their opinions is critical? Consequently, some clients assume they'll be informed about the survey results or any changes which will take place as a result of the results. Such notification seldom takes place. Because of this, if changes are implemented, clients see little connection between their opinions and the changes. Failure to follow up on what clients perceive as a guarantee might be one reason that lower response rates are observed in any subsequent polls.

What you state versus how you say it.

Conflict may occur between statements you make and how you look or sound when you create them. We often give greater credence to your demeanor or the tone of your voice than the specific words you use. Its subtleties such as those that make the difference in how clients rate their satisfaction with the support they receive. If you answer the telephone sounding tired or fatigued, or demonstrating the stress you might be experiencing, callers may hear how you are feeling - even if your words indicate otherwise. Conversely, if you reply enthusiastically, you speak to the caller that you are very happy to hear from them. Especially in the event of consumer support, to a individual with a issue, nothing is as reassuring as somebody who sounds eager to assist.

Bear in mind that whatever you say or do has the potential to influence perceptions and make expectations. Continually ask yourself what expectation you could be creating and explore strategies to remove any causes of conflict.