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How Our Physiology Can Help Our Self Improvement

Posted on January 9, 2022 by James Simmons

It's a well recognized and scientifically proven truth that how we feel mentally and emotionally influences how we behave, feel and look physically. Our thoughts and emotions affect how our bodies feel, our facial expressions, and the way we move and act. We can all easily identify a person who's angry, or depressed, or happy, by their face, their body language and their general demeanour.

But not so well known is how this works both ways. We can actually change how we feel by changing the way we moveour posture and our facial expressions. Smiling or laughing is the perfect example. It actually requires a lot less effort and uses a lot less facial muscles to smile than it does to frown. Smiling and laughing make modifications to our blood circulation and oxygen levels and stimulates our mind. All of us know that laughing and grinning make us feel good and alter our mood.

What does this means for self improvement? It means we can decide to change our moods and feelings by changing our physiology.

This may sound too good to be true, but we could very easily experimentation. We can select an emotion or a country, (as an instance, being bashful, timid, and lacking in confidence) and behave, move and look how we want if this was how we really felt. If we allow it, this will alter our mood and state of mind so we really feel that way. Then act like totally filled with confidence and in addition to earth. Thinking about a time when we really felt this way, or visualising another man who exemplifies these qualities might help. How does that feel?

This may look like'acting' initially, but it is going to alter our thoughts when we have an open mind and permit it to. This simple method can be used to help place us in a better frame of mind any time we choose. We can actually'behave' our way to more positive thoughts and feelings by changing our physiology. More details are available from Neuro Linguistic Programming Specialists and other Self Development Experts, who utilize these and a number of other similar methods that could help our lives.