Smile and World Smiles Back at You

Most of us have our area of influence in the society. This is that portion of the society with which we interact intentionally or otherwise. In this field of influence our reputation or operation in the society is indicated by how other individuals accept us how many and what sorts of friends we have; how many readers, leads, clients, critics, well-wishers we have and can retain. A nationwide leader will have whole nation in his area of influence. Needless to say, it’s up to us to ascertain that our area of influence, but how other people act with us is a sign of our social performance like the scoreboard in sports which indicates the operation of the players and teams participating in the sport.

Let’s put this notion in a statement:
Behavior of different people determines and indicates our performance from the society.
Now, how do people act with us? Why do they act in a special way? Why is it that people wish to subscribe to a newsletter in massive numbers and are reluctant to subscribe to another? How are some people able to pull lot of consumers while others aren’t so profitable?

The simple fact of the matter is that WE instruct other people to act with us. WE tell others how they need to treat us, how they ought to respond to our gesture, whether they ought to trust us, ignore us, or eliminate us. In all our communications we show something of ourselves, we allow them to make judgment about us. This is true of all means of communication we might decide to adopt – face interaction with verbal communication with body language, through net, through printed material or some other. It’s ultimately through our own behaviour that we encourage people to treat us as it suits them.

Behavior of others towards us is affected by our own behaviour.
I want to bring a note on casual interaction I had mentioned previously. Let’s take an imaginary, but very typical situation. I’m traveling in a bus and a gentleman is sitting by my side. We all have chosen to stay confined to our places before the end of the journey. I can’t help noticing the gentleman and forming some opinion about him. He’s influenced my ideas without uttering one word. He’ll also notice me and the two people will”know” that we’ve noticed each other. A silent communication was established between us. At this point both people have the chance to make friends, encourage ourselves, our experience, our products. In real life scenario we encounter hundreds of events where we establish communication with other people without resorting to some observable interaction.

Our behaviour determines our social performance.
Please be aware that after combining the first two statements, the variable”behaviour of other people” is completely eliminated. What remains is our behaviour resulting in our own social performance.
We affect how folks opt to treat us, but what do people perceive or see in our behaviour that compels them to take a specific stand? Individuals are definitely influenced by their own belief system as much as by our behaviour. Thru our behavior they’re able to evaluate our confidence, our conviction, our self-image. The belief we have about ourselves is revealed through our communication – written, verbal or any other kind.

Our self image determines our behaviour.
We can now combine all of the statements and arrive in the concluding one:
Our self image decides our social performance.

Now we know where to strike if we would like to improve our social performance, have more clients, become better net marketers.

Before we approach our potential clients, we will need to convince ourselves that the product we’re offering has the merit. It’s crucial to gain confidence in the solution and in ourselves to the extent of becoming genuinely enthusiastic and excited about it. We should first develop confidence in the solution and in ourselves, only then we ought to try to market it.

Our communication will transmit our enthusiasm and excitement. It will show our confidence in the product and our confidence will act as guarantor. With proper preparation, right attitude, and positive frame of mind we approach with confidence, get positive response and get the capacity to change the world.