What Is Mastery And Why It Makes All The Difference In The World

Mastery is the art of being at cause over a discipline.

The absence of mastery is the presence of mediocrity, and an even lower stage is failure. These two experiences, mediocrity and failure, create low moods, unpleasant life experiences, and consequences of lack, limitation, negativity, and scarcity. In other words, varying degrees of anguish.

Mastery, then, is a decision to excel at something, putting in the time and effort to achieve that excellence, and creating a positive influence on the world.

The rewards of mastery so far exceed the efforts to achieve that level of success that the person lives larger than life.

If the pleasure of mastery is so intense, and the pain of struggle and strife so acute, why, then, is mastery such a rare phenomena? It is because people separate themselves from those they admire because they believe that they lack the same talent.

However, while talent certainly has a role to play in making someone excellent, it is perhaps the effort at mastery that creates or brings out talent. Talent then is more the result of effort than innate ability.

Everyone has some area of life that they can master. A mother can master mothering; a saint can master loving-kindness; a hobbyist can master their hobby; and a businessman or woman can master their profession. Whatever your predisposition, however your personality, there is some experience, which if you could master, would bring you a life of superlative pleasure.

When you master something, you discover a precise, exact, and correct way to perceive, intend, envision, plan, act, move, and express your particular skill or endeavor. Over time, you accomplish things that leave others overwhelmed by your finesse. You operate at a high level of truth over your art.

Your knowledge of your chosen area becomes astonishing. You are able to perceive and grasp a new level of awareness. Your acute comprehension attracts others to you; they seek to learn what you appear to know so effortlessly. Your circle of influence can even span history.

When you master your chosen endeavor, your self-perception undergoes a major shift. You act with a magnetic certainty; your ability and competence keeps rising in an accelerated way. Your effectiveness makes winning a matter of course.

During the classical periods of history, during the time of the rise of Athens, and later, during the Renaissance, intellectual and artistic giants arose of such epic proportions that we still, centuries later, look back in awe and astonishment.

Ironically, although our age has never provided so much opportunity for so many to be so excellent, yet the world may never see the likes of Plato or Leonard da Vinci again.

Beyond the distractions of every day life there is always the opportunity to live in a way that makes your life exhilarating. Money, success, and love, not to mention a hundred other desirable outcomes happen when you choose mastery.

Mastery is an expression of joyous self-discovery and an inspirational gift to the human race. You always have the choice to make your life resonate with deep significance.